Thursday, January 14, 2010

1- Getting to Know You

Hello! My name is Emma. Here are some fun things about me:

1.) I am an identical twin.
2.) I drink Lavender Rooibos tea before going to bed.
3.) I often read myself to sleep, which has been hard on my glasses.
4.) I am from Northern Virginia [15 min outside of D.C.] but spent my childhood just a train ride from London in Weybridge, Surrey.
4 1/2.) I have spent nearly every summer of my life on Cape Cod.
5.) I have 12 plants in my bedroom.
6.) I am terribly afraid of birds.
7.) I do not like meat; however, I do quite like bacon.
8.) I enjoy going on walks and playing outside- especially making forts in the woods and exploring ruins.
9.) I eat excessive amounts of fudge.
10.) I love wearing dresses.


  1. No wonder--you're from the East too and England :-) Great profile!

    About the bird phobia. I felt the same, but accepted a commission to paint a bird aviary yrs. ago, while the birds were still in there! I was terrified!! They kept swooping down at me. I talked to the owner and she replied, "Oh, well that means they like you!" I needed the $, so took her at her word and let them land on me. They'd perch on my brush, arms, and head while I painted. Wish I had photos of it all. It helped immensely, but I still feel trepidations around some of them.

  2. I really like your pictures! Do you do them yourself, or do you have a photographer friend? :) My favorite is the red riding hood one. Very cool.

  3. I agree that you have awesome pictures!
    Also, I loved living in Virginia! I was only there for 2 years, but it was great. I remember talking to you in class the first day about how pretty it is there-- my dad worked downtown, so we lived in Manassas Park.

  4. Do you name your plants?
    I'm don't have a bird phobia, but I have kicked a pigeon once and I'm terrified by most fish.

  5. That's so awesome that you grew up in England! I haven't been outside the country yet, but i'm going on study abroad this spring... to London! Can't wait

  6. What a beautiful blog you have started! I love all of your photographs and I'm really excited to see what else you'll posting through the semester.

    Have a great day!

  7. Your blog is great! How do you not like meat but you like bacon?