Thursday, April 22, 2010

13- Showers

I love showers, but I esspecially love Outdoor Showers. My grandparents lived on Cape Cod for my entire life (they moved this past summer to florida- highly disappointing). Since they lived practically on the beach, they had an outdoor shower (of course!) My grandfather built it himself, right up against the house, sandwhiched in by one of the numerous flower gardens my grandmama kept. It was made of wood, painted a light blue-ish gray, and open enough that green leaves would poke their way through the planks and cause you to feel as if you were showering in the jungle. With the sky blue and bright over head and the breeze gently finding its way to you through the cracks in the walls, the prism-like column of warm water became space-era tube of transportation.

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  1. Emma,
    I'm glad you added some more entries. I couldn't find an evaluation, though, or much about the class. 69%.