Thursday, April 22, 2010

9 Its a Dry Heat

The other day it was newly hot outside as well as incredibly DRY. i am an east coast girl, through and through, to the core. even more, i grew up breathing in air heavy with humidity. not surprisingly, this dryness nearly killed me. and the kicker is.... no one else even noticed anything! i felt like i was being sucked and shriveled dry. i felt as brittle as my grandmother's Christmas Season peanut brittle. i was miserable and whiny about it all day. i longed for the beach. i longed for the coast. i longed for the heavy, wet, suffocation of east coast seaside air.
So I wrote this:

I’m a plant. I am a pretty little colorful flower and I will only grow- I will only exist and survive and be- if you sprinkle me with salt water. If you drizzle the ocean onto my head and bless me with throbbing whispers of creaky ship-prayers and gasps for oxygen. How am I going to make it if I am not pushing myself up out of sand-soil? Seriously, I don’t think this all-natural process of photosynthesis, of self-feeding and fueling, is going to take place if I do not have these additional, necessary, life-supplying elements.

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